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Coach’s Notes: 10 Commandments of a winner in ice hockey!


By: Bliss Littler


1. When a winner makes a mistake he says -” I was wrong” When a loser makes a mistake he says – “It wasn’t my fault”


2. A winner in ice hockey credits good luck for winning even though it wasn’t so. A loser credits bad luck for everything.


3. A winner works harder than a loser and has more time- A loser is always too busy to do what is necessary.


4. A winner goes through a problem- a loser goes around it and never past it.


5. A winner shows he’s sorry by making up for it- a loser says he is sorry but does the same thing the next time he takes the ice.


6. A winner says- “I’m good but not as good as I ought to be” A loser says-”I am not as bad as a lot of other people.


7. A winner would rather be admired than liked although he would prefer both. A loser would rather be liked than admired and is even willing to pay the price of mild contempt for it.


8. A winner knows what to fight for and what to compromise on- a loser compromises on what he shouldn’t and fights for what is not worth fighting for.


9. A winner respects those who are superior to him and tries to learn from them- A loser resents those superior to him and tries to find chinks in their armor.


10. A winner feels responsibility for more than his job- A loser says “I only work here”


Blss is currently the Head Ice Hockey Coach and GM with the Wenatchee Wild of the NAHL. He has coached in the USHL and College Ice Hockey.


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